Saturn: Life’s Lessons Made Simple

Astrologically, Saturn has a reputation for being challenging or notoriously difficult. The archetypal father figure, Saturn is here to teach us. Most simply, if you are being responsible, disciplined and doing your work, Saturn will be your best friend and guiding light. If you are being lackadaisical then Saturn is going to kick your butt.

Whether by natal placement or by transit, Saturn shows the areas of your life that need the most work. I’m not talking about getting to your job on time, or paying your bills kind of responsibility. I’m talking about the responsibility that comes with having a spirit and dreams, talent and ambition. It’s the responsibility that comes from living here on earth, knowing that you’re going to make your mark and making it a good one.

We often find ourselves struggling with what others expect from us and who they think we are. All the while, denying what we need to feed our essence, consequently stunting our growth. This is where Saturn comes in as a seemingly bad guy because every 27 – 29 years he makes a return to it’s natal position in ones chart, challenging us in many varied ways. All of which depend up where Saturn resides in your natal chart.

Saturn in Aries &/or 1st House – Quite simply you are here to work on yourself – not be selfish or infantile, but to be consciously motivated by your own needs and desires rather than being a door mat. Whether this includes taking care of your body or listening to your inner voice, you are on call to answer to your Self.

Saturn in Taurus &/or 2nd House – The lesson for the day is love and value. How do you show your love? Do the people you admire know it? Are you more in touch with your deepest values or with the close out prices at the mall? Saturn wants you to recognize the spiritual value of “things” and the ultimate value of love, reminding us that we must work hard before we receive the reward.

Saturn in Gemini &/or 3rd House – Here you are held accountable to every word. What you say and how you say it have a direct relationship with your function in your community. Dogmatism is not an option as you are being tested in your ability to remain flexible and open minded. Mastering the art of communication is all part of the job.

Saturn in Cancer &/or 4th House – Both dominance and nurturing are called for with this placement. Balancing your inner masculine and feminine is key. Emotional stability is under the microscope as is your ability to express those emotions in non destructive or crystallized ways.

Saturn in Leo &/or 5th House – Are you having fun yet? Creative self expression is the test. Finding your inner child and letting it’s voice be heard is the only way that Saturn will be happy here. Ironically, it is this very placement that can often inhibit people from experiencing joy. Never lose your sense of wonder – let it be your guide.

Saturn in Virgo &/or 6th House – The test here is one of efficiency and service. Health is also a major factor as we all know that if we don’t have our health we have nothing. Surprisingly, many don’t realize the link between service and health. Think of the last time you went to work – were you happy to go there? Did your work leave you feeling elated or nauseous? Discipline is needed to undertake providing a service that you enjoy, or ultimately your health will suffer.

Saturn in Libra &/or 7th House – Relationships can take on a very serious quality with this placement. How you relate and practice intimacy may need to be loosened up a bit. Often overly concerned with what others think , the lesson here is to be yourself, understanding that those who love you do so because of who you are – not because of what they think you might be.

Saturn in Scorpio &/or 8th House – Transformation is the name of the game here. Recognizing that we all experience life in cyclical form makes it’s easier to flow with our cycles than against them. Get back to your primal nature! Explore your sexuality, your faith and the mysteries of yourself. Leave no debt unpaid and you’ll have no regrets.

Saturn in Sagittarius &/or 9th House – What do you believe? What is your truth? Are you standing up for what you believe in? These are questions you should be asking your self and everyone else. There is a certain sense of duty that follows your philosophies now. Feed your fires of curiosity and wonder, they will keep you warm and guide you on your chosen path.

Saturn in Capricorn &/or 10th House – On the surface it seems to be all about responsibility and discipline, but these are merely the tools needed in order to create a lasting and meaningful legacy for our future generations. Recognizing that all things are connected leaves no room for behavior less than positive. Patience and steady pursuit of your goals is called for here.

Saturn in Aquarius &/or 11th House – Getting to the root of what it means to be human is the job here. Rigidity or repression can cause you serious trouble. Never stop changing your mind. Dive into your humanness, forgive other humans. Make fellowship a priority in your life while recognizing that popularity is not tantamount to friendship.

Saturn in Pisces &/or 12th House – Your inner mystic has work to do. Living spiritually aware is a good start, but the mission is to manifest dreams and visions. Honoring the thread that ties us all together while living in a knot will not suffice. Let your imagination roam, release the artist in you. It’s okay to have your head in the clouds as long as your feet are firmly on the ground.

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