We already have the answers…

tiny-storiesToday I woke up and I felt that familiar urge to write. To get the words out. Spout the ideas that I am sure are so unique, that nobody has ever thought of even thinking them…but then I remembered that I am just a white girl living in Denver, Colorado in the fucking crazy year of 2018. And so, as it goes, I feel hopeful and defeated all at once.

I thought 2016 was crazy, and that 2017 was truly bizarre…but 2018 is taking the cake. I won’t dive into the political rhetoric surrounding the strangeness, but rather, I just want to explore the ramifications of our social climate for myself personally, for my children, and ultimately our global community. And this is where my urge to write comes into play, I guess. Some deeper need I have to organize all of my super cool thoughts/ideas/solutions into nice little compartmentalized chapters. But I rarely write. Oh, I write Facebook posts, emails, and love notes to my husband; but rarely do I sit down as I am now – and write.

My urge to tell stories is strong – but what are those stories? I don’t even know. It feels somewhat irresponsible to be dabbling in storytelling when I see humanity and the earth deteriorating before my eyes. And so, as it goes, the conversation with myself about creative pursuits begins and within 7.3 minutes, I have lost the urge to tell a story. I allow myself to be sidetracked and diminished – every time.

But something else has started percolating in my brain lately…there is a simple solution to all of the problems we have in the world. The answer is in a gazillion different song lyrics and poems, inspirational posters and even tattoos. It’s so stinking simple that we overlook it – we forget that IT is just good old fashioned love.

Love is the answer to just about every problem and I bet I could prove it by telling stories.


Stories are after all, what we base everything on…so, as it goes, I ask myself, “What if we changed the stories we tell ourselves?” What if the stories I told changed someone’s mind, or better yet, their hearts? What if by doing what I love, I brought love to other people?

Could it really be that in four paragraphs I have solved my own personal dilemma with writing? Could it really be that by just allowing love to be part of the narrative, I have reframed the entire scenario? I really do feel invigorated and excited to write now…right now! The first story I am going to write is about a girl who learns to listen to and love herself so that she could change the world.

What’s your story of love?


The Astrology of Sustainability

We all want to “Save the World,” but it occurs to me that we need to save ourselves in the process. Sustainability became a huge buzzword about a decade ago and I always wondered if folks really understood what sustainability means. While it’s necessary that we consider sustainability when being a consumer, building houses, driving and procreating; it’s equally necessary that we consider the sustainability of our spirit.

In the last century many cultures have made technology a priority and disregarded the need and importance of living in sync with Mother Nature and Father Sky. The more we plug in, the more we become disconnected. Other cultures continue to strive to live in harmony, only to become endangered by their own species.

As a teenager reading Thoreau’s Walden, I became disgusted with technology and the destruction it brings and decided that I was going to channel some old pioneer woman energy, become a midwife and live life off the grid. This was all well and fine until I had a child.

Suddenly my whole life was about protecting him, making sure that he had the best of everything and my views shifted somewhat. Now I needed a cell phone; what if we broke down on the side of the road? Now I needed the internet to read up on the latest parenting tips, send pictures to the grandparents and email my friends that I never actually talked to anymore because I was too busy with the baby.

Ultimately we must look at how we can bridge the gap. The study and science of astrology is one of the best tools we have for understanding our spirit and it’s place in the physical world. Whether it’s the pull of the Moon or the warmth of the Sun, we know that without these energies we would not even have life on earth. Our relationship to these energies is the key to our sustainability, both physical and spiritual.

Many of us are living a life that is dictated by the mortgage payment, losing precious dreamtime, smothering our inner child, and all the while teaching our offspring that it’s all okay, as long as you have a nice car. By searching for fulfillment through the material world we have brought this chaos upon ourselves and it is has become pertinent that we get back to understanding the magic of life and the absolute necessity of living in sync with nature. But before we can do this, we must first understand our own personal nature.

At the moment you were born into this physical world, you became a part of it and it became a part of you. An astrological natal chart is essentially a map of the heavens at the time of your birth and can prove to be the best map through life that you can find.

The following is a generalized meaning of the planets and the signs in regards to Spiritual needs and tendencies. When we can recognize our needs on the deepest of levels and start to fulfill those needs, we are then able to serve the needs of others; this is the true meaning of sustainability.

Aries / Mars: Taking initiative and using your originality is the best way to sustain anything in your life. Remembering that we are here to learn, and learning is best done through exploration can make even the dullest of moments exciting. See what you can learn from any situation that makes you uncomfortable. By facing your fears and personal demons, you can strengthen the foundation from which you can launch into the next adventure.

Taurus / VenusSteadfast resolve is your greatest gift. Whether it’s your ethics or your grandmother’s secret recipe, you do well to stand your ground. By being committed to what we believe is right, we can preserve those things in our life. However, finding the secret recipe might be the hardest part. Focus on the “things” in life that bring you the most satisfaction and joy, and you’ll likely find that they are not things at all.

Gemini / MercuryCommunication and community are central to your existence. This doesn’t mean that you are always a good communicator or even a good member of your community. It does mean that if you can integrate yourself into your community, you will find communication a pleasure rather than a challenge. Listening will bring you far more resources than speaking.

Cancer / Moon: We cannot live life without the balance of night and day. You cannot live life without the balance of emotion and logic. While you must not become capsized on logic, you must also not deny yourself the freedom to flow with your emotions. Being sentimental and honoring your history can serve as a wonderful outlet for your emotional needs while providing future generations a perspective not provided in the history books.

Leo / Sun: Life on Earth would not even be possible without the Sun. Take this notion and apply it to the thought that your life would not be possible without creativity. Everything in your life must be a form of creative self-expression. Remembering that it’s not about ego, but rather about creating the life that you want. When you start being concerned about what others think of you, you are denying yourself true self-expression. And frankly the old adage is true; most people aren’t actually thinking about you, they are too busy worrying about what you think of them!

Virgo / Mercury: Recognizing that we all have a job to do here on Earth is fundamental to your sense of well being. By serving the needs of others you are ultimately serving your deepest need. This may or may not revolve around your career. Take advantage of the natural gifts that you have and share them with others. And while you may feel inclined to make the simple into something more complicated, it’s truly best to make the complicated simpler.

Libra / Venus: Every time I get to Libra I immediately want to sing The Beatles’ All you need is love… All together now… It’s absolutely necessary that you find ways to relate with others. It’s not enough to be in a relationship, you must learn to see yourself through your relationships. With honest reflection, you can bring your life into balance by perfecting those relationships that are meaningful and detaching from those that are draining. This will help you renew your own personal energy.

Scorpio / Mars: With each situation you are given the chance for regeneration. This constant transformation is vital to your existence. Whether you are transforming your appearance, your career, your marriage, it’s important to recognize the cycles of all things. Watch the Moon or plant a seed; by living in harmony with these cycles you can find the peace that you so deeply desire. Use your calendar to mark important days and see if you can find any patterns.

Sagittarius / JupiterAdventure could and should be your middle name. Whether you are riding a mountain bike, a horse, or a wave, you are being called upon to discover the truth that lives in the broadest of horizons. The truth is, that what is true for you, may not be true for me. Gaining perspective on the World through the eyes of others, while helpful, is merely an excuse not to discover your own genuine insight. Listen to your inner voice; it will always tell you what you need to know.

Capricorn / Saturn: By paying attention and following through, you are ahead of the game, as long as you follow the rules. Rules all have a reason. While most rules are made to be broken, you must not let them break you. Stable flexibility is your oxymoron. Bring forth what you know about discipline, responsibility, and all that is constructive. Share this knowledge with others and you will be practicing the art of sustainability.

Aquarius / UranusChange and chaos are often seen as one in the same. But this is not always true. It is necessary for you to recognize what is simply the natural course of life, and what is truly frenzied. While you can’t really control either, you can control how you respond. Imagine yourself a spokesperson for change and a chaos whisperer. And while you are busy saving the world in your own unique way, take some time to take a nap.

Pisces / Neptune: Everything in life that is colorful, ethereal, dynamic, musical, and poetic is under your protection. Honoring the sacred is your specialty. Just as we must nurture and tend to our gardens, you must nurture and tend to your own spirit. Dreams are key to your survival. Sound dramatic? Well, you tell me.


Fear, Manipulation, and Guns

Some of you may remember that at one point about three years ago I had to close my Facebook account and start a new one, because I thought it was a really good idea to talk trash to some gun nuts. This group of several thousand people (calling themselves Moms & Dads Against Moms & Dads for Gun Sense) reported my profile as fake. Several dozen more thought it would be fun to go on our business page and leave us 1 star reviews; one even went so far as to say we stole from them. They created a fake Alpine Chimney Sweep page and posted things like, “We like cleaning up people’s shit.” I just found out this last year that they also created an email with my name and emailed at least one of our clients and said all kinds of hateful things.
Through all of this, I heard from a woman in Nebraska who also had a run in with this group and experienced something very similar. Come to find out, ruining people’s lives is what this group really enjoyed doing. They were proficient in screen shots and taking over reviews, making folks that had spoken out against them look really bad. In the thread I had created on their page, they posted a picture of a gun-totting clown and said something to the effect, “Watch your back, Cheetah.”
And the truth is, I was scared. When talking with the woman in Nebraska I found out that this group would go so far as to parade around people’s houses, armed to the hilt – they would claim it was their right. And the scarier things is that their hatred and rage created in me a hatred and rage. I thought (and sometimes still do) about how I could get back at these people – how could I bring them down?! But then, I would remember that they are a well organized group, lurking behind computer screens, and just waiting to pounce on the next person who thinks they can talk some sense into these people. And they have guns. Lots of them.
Up to that point, I had been actively working in my own small personal way to bring about gun reform. I had gone to Senate hearings, written letters, signed petitions, and engaged in many debates with gun owners. But this group did a pretty good job of shutting me up. My dad and my husband were both concerned. My friends would just shake their head…and well, I watched my back.
With more school shootings in the last three years than I can count, I now sit here in awe of the teens who have faced gun fire and have the courage to stand up and say STOP! I am ashamed that I backed down. I am ashamed that I let them bring me down. While I can’t carry the weight of every dead student on my shoulders, I will carry each of them in my heart. I will march for them, teach for them, speak for them, and I will never again be afraid. I would rather die than cower in the face of cowardice – because really, a guy with a gun is just that, a coward. My heart is stronger than any bullet.